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Native C++Builder Web Sites

These are all the sites we can find specifically about C++Builder.
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The Bits They Forgot! The Bits They Forgot! The Builder Information & Tutorial Site. There are Tutorials, Apps in Builder, What's New, Components ComedyZone, NewsFlash, Books, Jobs, Dev.Tools, Code and Hints, JBuilder.

You will never miss this site to learn more about C++Builder.

Andrew Hall's CBuilder Web Site, apart from carrying mirrored copies of our tutorials for those on the African continent, carries a listing of all the articles on the subject he can find in his article archive, and now has an on-line linking with Amazon Books.
Sam Azer's Site
AzerTech. Sam Azer is a Freelance Systems Analyst with 15 years experience. Web site features C++Builder, MS Office 97, feature articles, sample code and more. Programming, Documentation and other technical services available. Also features an on-line reference library."

He writes for
Cobb, helps out many people, and this is a link straight into his Builder pages. Well worth a visit.
Dr. Bob's C++Builder Gate has many tips, books, articles and components for Builder and Delphi. Bob regularly writes for the user groups and magazines as well as producing components and tools of his own.
Builder Blocks Builder Blocks by Alex DeBurie is a site with sample components, hints, tips and techniques.
Charlie Calvert's Homepage. From the author of "CBuilder Unleashed", Charlie's homepage makes an interesting visit, with hints tips and a variety of things.
The Alan GARNY site contains different shareware components: TTransBitmap, TOpenGL, TWallPaper, TSplitter, TTitleBar and TTrayIcon for the moment.

A page dedicated to OpenGL contains most of the Red Book examples converted to C++ Builder using TOpenGL. It also contains a few other original examples.

The C++Builder Developer by Jason Vokes, author of "Borland C++Builder For Dummies" has components articles, hints and links.
C++Builder Foundations by Harold Howe co-author of "CBuilder How To" is a web site with his own FAQ section, (and links to others he knows about), reviews of books, (other than his own), components and more, this site is well worth stopping by.
C++Builder Solutions by Kent Reisdorph. Full of useful information from the author of "Teach Yourself C++Builder in 21 Days".

Apart from being a member of "TeamB", Kent also writes regularly for the
"Developers Journal."
Daniel Carey concentrates on imaging and games and has an expert wizard.
Dennis Cox's Desktop has an excellent tutorial for those who want to learn about WinSock programming. He has examples laid out in a tutorial fashion. Excellent.
Dennis Mattison's Unofficial Homepage of CBuilder. Apart from being the home of the CBuilder Web-Ring Dennis' site provides an excellent resource of articles and information on CBuilder.
The Unoffical Borland C++Builder Home Page The Unoffical Borland C++Builder Home Page, is run by Brian Sturk and provides an excellent site for news and information regarding C++Builder.
Ylian produces some clever components all free for non-commercial use. From QuickSocket, which makes Winsock easy, through to our favorite, the "Kit" car scanner component, cool:)
Yonghee Lee's page seems to concentrate on gaming links, but he's starting to put some CBuilder stuff in place.
Ralph's C++Builder Graphics Site DirectX infos
Software Dev. Workshop hints, tips, methods and philosophies
Geordies Code Examples. This is an excellent site which deals with writing ActiveX programs using Builder. It also contains information on OLE; OWL/MFC etc., and has some White Papers written for Borland. This site is well worth a visit.
Giles' CBuilder Page Giles produces two components TComThread and TActiveButton.
L.J. Wischick L.J. Wischick has an excellent collection of examples and wizards to help you do things from writing screen savers through to an example of how to use the Tool Services API.
Pacific Design by Kevin Duraj offers the patches for CBuilder and some shareware from his page.
Pacific Design operates as a contract programming and consulting service, specializing in high quality Client/Server and cross platform AS/400, application development, using C++Builder/Delphi.
Rick Malik's is an excellent resource for CBuilder, with information, hints, code snippets, a weekly news roundup, and more.


Delphi Web Sites

These are all the sites we can find specifically about Delphi.
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Delphi Super Page Lots of components
Torry's Delphi Page Components
Delphi Free Stuff 這是推薦您一定要看的Page。每一個 Delphi VCL Components都是經典之作,且全免費還附原始程式。
The Delphi Games Creator is an excellent resource for all things related to producing games under Delphi, and of course CBuilder. Links, articles and components are all designed to help you make the most of developing games.
HelpMakers Delphi Site
DAAA.gif (1277 bytes) 32 Bit INPRISE Delphi 為主題,整理相關免費元件、範例程式及技術文件。
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