How to use VToolsD with BCB 4.0 and later?
2000-08-23 00:00:00

Modified your user.mak ( in vtoolsd\include ) as below: COMPILER=BCB3 C32=d:\progra~1\borland\cbuild~1\bin\bcc32.exe TLINK32=d:\progra~1\borland\cbuild~1\bin\tlink32.exe TASM32=d:\progra~1\Borland\cbuild~1\bin\tasm32.exe d:\progra~1\Borland\cbuild~1\bin must be modified to your C++Builder bin directory. And than you must have tlink32.exe too. In BCB 4 and later, Inprise not offer tlink32.exe and ilink32 takes the job. But we need tlink32.exe to compiler vxds, you can find tlink32.exe in BCB 3.