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Screen Shot of AppWizard AppWizard lets you configure the skeleton of a new C++ application that uses the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC). Thought C++ Builder 3.0 support MFC, but it is not so easy to make MFC application as Visual C++.
Now, you can use this Expert for C++Builder 3.0 to build a new MFC application as easy as using Visual C++.
This Expert make you feel that you are using the AppWizard of Visual C++ 4.X & 5.0. If you are using C++Builder 3.0 now and want to make MFC application or learn more about MFC, you never skip this Expert.
  • Screen Shot
    This series picture are the screen shot of running ths Expert. (Step by step)
  • Download the trail version
    This trail version Expert can generate MDI application & link with MFC42.dll only, and no time limit. And those codes generated by this Expert are the same as AppWizard of Visual C++ 4.X do. This Expert will be in the New Items Dialog (File\New...). The retial version will apper in the File menu and offer full function as the one of VC++.
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