Easy Bug Tracer Ver 1.0.5
for BCB 3,4,5 & VC 5 & Delhpi

Do you feel that it is hard to debug with default debug enviroment in C++Builder, Visual C++ or Delphi ? Does it too troublesome to do Stop and Watch? Now, you can dowload Easy Bug Tracer free, it can make your debuging job as easy as using printf(...)!

This Bug Tracer is a simple application. All you need is just add this line #include "dout.h" , and add dout("Error Message"); at the point that you want to trace.
  • Screen Shot
    This picture are the screen shot of running ths Bug Tracer.
  • Free download here
    (lastest Version 1.0.5 /98/08/09)
    For commercial usage, please feel free to get contact with me.