00/08/29 C++Builder Inside Out announced Free VToolsD Mate 0.89.2 for C++Builder 3.0, 4.0 5.0.
98/08/08 For opinions of lots of users, we announced Free Easy Bug Tracer Ver.1.0.5 for C++Builder 3.0 soon.
98/08/05 C++Builder Inside Out announced Free Easy Bug Tracer Ver.1.0.1 for C++Builder 3.0 to make the debug job easier.
98/07/26 C++Builder 3 Patches
Patches have been made available download for C++Builder version 3.
98/07/26 C++Builder File Supplements
A number of file supplements have been made available for C++Builder programmers. First of all, we can now have JPEG support for C++Builder version 3 with TJPEG.ZIP (1,352,004 bytes).
We can also download the latest version of TLibImp.exe at TLIBIMP.ZIP (491,008 bytes), and read the included readme for an overview of the addressed problems.
98/07/21 BDE 5 Upgrade available
Inprise announces the availability of the BDE 5 upgrade (that ships with Delphi 4). The upgrade will update existing versions of the 32-bit BDE. You could read this information on the BDE 5 upgrade before downloading it.
98/06/07 C++Builder Inside Out announced Free Expert Installer for C++Builder 3.0.
98/06/05 C++Builder 3 Enterprise announced
Inprise today announced C++Builder 3 Enterprise, combining the power and productivity of the Borland C++Builder integrated compiler and development environment with the flexibility and platform interoperability of Inprise middleware technologies including CORBA, Entera, and MIDAS.
A Complete suite of VisiBroker CORBA services enable the C++ developer to create highly graphical CORBA enabled Windows client applications and scaleable Windows NT CORBA server objects that are interoperable with both UNIX and Java.
98/05/18 C++Builder Inside Out announced Expert Wizard for C++Builder 3.0, and release the trail version.
98/05/08 C++Builder Inside Out announced MFC AppWizard for C++Builder 3.0, and release the trail version.
98/04/30 Borland -> Inprise Corp.
Borland International will become Inprise Corporation, and the website at has now moved to the new location at
Inprise Corporation will unveil several new middleware software products in the next few months, targeted toward big companies that tie together disparate computer networks.
On Monday May 4th, I'll attend a press meeting with Del Yocam (CEO) and Zack Urlocker at the ArenA in Amsterdam. Any interesting details will be published here right away, so stay tuned...
98/04/23 C++Builder Inside Out web site had been builded by Martin Hsiao.
97/03/28 Borland C++Builder 3.0 announced in Taiwan
Taiwan Borland Announced C++Builder 3.0 in Taiwan, and I bought it immediately this day.
98/03/21 C++Builder 3 support for Raize Components
Raize Software Solutions, Inc.
announced the immediate availability of Raize Components v1.6 for version 3 of Borland's C++Builder.
Raize Software is providing the necessary packages for C++Builder 3 free of charge in a separate add-on to the full Raize Components product. Registered users of Raize Components should contact Raize Software to receive it..
Raize Components is a collection of 50 native VCL controls designed for both 16 and 32-bit development, and can be used in all versions of Delphi and C++Builder.
98/02/14 Borland Announced C++Builder 3.0
97/03/24 Borland C++Builder announced in Taiwan
97/02/14 Borland Announced C++Builder
96/11/18 Borland C++Builder announced at COMDEX
Announced today at Comdex and unveiled on Borland's web site, Borland C++Builder the only Rapid Application Development tool for C++, that combines real visual development with real C++.
Borland C++Builder (aka Ebony) is built on the award-winning Borland C++ compiler technology, and shares with Delphi the proven Visual Component Library, intuitive IDE, and visual Two-Way Tools.