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News Trace Window 更新 (2001/07/17)

Application Framework之三大流派 (2001/05/2)

Borland Kylix功能介紹 (原先刊載於 Inside Out C++Builder 論壇) (2001/04/16)

Borland Kylix功能介紹... (2001/04/12)

新論壇開張...請大家移師上頭討論 (2001/04/10)

使用Windows 2000及Windows Me所提供的新版檔案對話盒[PDF下載] (2001/02/5)

線上下載PDF之文章更新 (2000/12/21)


Latest Excellent Expert :

VToolsD Mate

VToolsD Mate Ver 0.89.2
for BCB 3,4,5 VC 5 & VC 6

VToolsD Mate is an useful tools to develope VxD.
Using Inprise C++Builder or Microsoft Visual C++ compiler with using NuMega VToolsD, you can develope Windows Device Driver easier.

Free download here

MFC AppWizard for C++Builder 3.0 MFC AppWizard for C++Builder 3.0

Using this Expert, You can build native
MFC base application with Borland C++Builder 3.0 immediately. Fully compatible with Borland C++Builder 3.0.

Download here.

Expert Wizard

Expert Wizard for C++Builder 3.0

An Expert that make you creating Expert easily.Fully compatible with Borland C++Builder 3.0.

Download here.

Easy Bug Tracer

Easy Bug Tracer Ver 1.0.5
BCB 3,4,5 & VC++ 5 & Delphi

Do you feel that it is hard to debug with default debug enviroment in C++Builder, Visual C++ or Delphi ? Does it too troublesome to do Stop and Watch? Now, you can dowload Easy Bug Tracer free, it can make your debuging job as easy as using printf(...)!

Free Download here.
Easy Expert Installer Expert Installer for C++Builder 3.0

Do you feel that it is so complex to install expert for C++Builder? Do you feel it is so difficult to use Regiedt.exe to install expert? Now, you can dowload Easy Exper Installer free, it can make you to install Expert easier.

Free Download here.
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